I snuck out of bed this morning a little past five. The babies rolled slightly into the space I occupied between them, still fast asleep. I tiptoed quietly over creaky wood floors, trying not to wake the six year old sleeping soundly at the foot of the bed. The life of a parent.

The house was still dark and my husband was busy getting ready for work. Believe it or not, not getting up until after five is sleeping in for me. Normally I am up a little after four, desperately trying to get everything ready for my ten hour day at work. I leave the house a quarter to six and return a quarter past five. Nearly twelve hours away from home, away from my kids. But not today.

Today I will stay in my pajamas all day. I will see my son before school, and get to spend some quality time chatting about the ins and outs of six year old life. I will spend all morning playing on the floor. I will pray during naps. I will agonize over whether I should clean the house in my down time or do some reading and writing, and I will chose the latter. And then I will find a way to sneak in some cleaning, because my mommy guilt wont let me take a day off.

I will be home when my son comes home from school, and I wont be drained from work. We can talk about school, and get started on homework. There will be time to read to him for fun and probably I wont be too tired to read bedtime story.

Wednesdays are my favorite days because I get to be home. Today I get to pretend that I am the mom I want to be.


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