Fitting In Daily Prayer

As a mother of three smallish children, I really have to work at fitting in daily prayer. And, since my theme for 2016 is to live more intentionally, scheduling time for prayer is an obvious priority.

Here is my plan for working in prayer, personally and with my family.

Morning Offering
I will start my day with a morning offering. I have an app on my phone, Laudate, where I have booked marked the text of the morning offering. Instead of instinctively scrolling through FB first thing in the morning, I will chose prayer.

Daily Readings
I have been fairly consistent with reading Mass every day in the past. Even after the twins were born, Blessed Is She devotionals were part of my routine. However, in September my schedule got hectic as I was working 4 ten hour days and had no time to myself in the morning. I am retuning to a normal 5 eight hour day week this week, and will regain my (hopefully) leisurely mornings. You know, sip coffee in peace for a few minutes, scroll through a devotional. Leisure.

Two years ago during Lent I began a daily Rosary during my commute in to work. It worked well and I really felt more spiritually centered. However, my commute route changed and I never got back into the habit. I should have just enough time to pray a Rosary each morning on the bus to work. And, if I don’t quite finish, why not finish during morning break instead of scrolling through FB?

I have never consistently prayed the Angelus, but it is the perfect way to refocus in the middle of the work day. I set an Angelus alarm on my phone and it just so happens to coincide with lunch.

Divine Mercy Chaplet
I have never actually prayed a chaplet before, but I have listened to one on the radio and as I have a 15-20 minute bus ride home, why not take up a chaplet?

Examination of Conscience 
Quick recap and the end of the night.

Family Prayers
As a family we basically only ever pray before meals consistently, and when I haven’t spent all of bedtime fighting with the six year old to just get there, we say an Our Father and occasionally a Hail Mary. I plan to start the day with a morning prayer from his Magnifikid, and probably a Guardian Angel prayer. Then at bedtime we can do an Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be and some intentions. And, special prayers on special Saint Days, Feast Days or Solemnities, i.e. a Memorare on Marian Feast days, and maybe working our way up to a family Rosary.


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