Lenten Resolutions 2016

Things We Are Doing As a Family
– Treats
– Screens on Wednesdays
– Take-out  (I am pulling really hard for this one, but my boys are fighting a fast from both treats and take-out. If they fight that hard, I think it’s something we need to do. I think it’s fitting for the season to do both, but will take just treats if that’s all I can get. I can push again next year).

-Pray the Stations of the Cross on Fridays as a family.
– Remember Morning Offering, Evening Offering, and prayers before meals with F.
-Sunday as a Day of Rest

-Spare change in a jar on the prayer-table to donate to a charity (possibly Rice Bowl, not sure yet).
– Weekly cleaning projects for Saturdays as alms to each other, done without complaint.
– Donate: Clothes, toys, decor, books and anything else we don’t need after we’ve cleaned out each room. Be generous.

Personal Resolutions
-Facebook  I am embarrassed to admit just how difficult this is going to be for me. But, this is what I feel the most called to give up. It is the biggest hindrance in my life to my personal productivity, to prayer, to parenting. This is going to be huge. And, I intent to give Facebook up as my Friday Penance all year round once Lent is over.
– Yelling  Again, it’s embarrassing how hard this is going to be for me, but my yelling and rage have gotten out of control lately and it needs to be prayerfully dealt with.

-Stick to my daily prayer routine that I have not been doing including: Morning Offering, daily readings, prayers before meals, morning prayer with F, Rosary on my morning commute, Angelus at noon, Chaplet on my evening commute, evening or bedtime prayers with F, and an Examination of Conscience.
– Pray each day for a specific person or cause after my morning offering.
-Attend a daily Mass on Fridays.

– Give the change that I would spend each day on soda and a chocolate to a charity, maybe Rice Bowls
– Pick something delicious to give to the food shelf each week at Mass


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