Fashion For The Stylistically Impaired (FFTSI): 99 Days of Summer- Pants Free Challenge Edition

It occurred to me while I was doing my laundry on Sunday afternoon that I now own enough skirts and dresses that I could forego pants all together for an entire week if I wanted to. Which got me thinking: Of course I want to!

This is quite the development for me as not too long ago you couldn’t pay me to wear a skirt or a dress. I was a jeans-and-hoodie kind of gal. Had been all my life.




About 3-4 years ago this began to change (thanks Facebook Memories for reminding me that every May I feel the need to post a status about how much I want to get some skirts and start wearing them). I couldn’t pinpoint what prompted the change. But something made me want to start wearing summery dresses.

It takes me a long time to implement changes in taste to the items I actually own and can wear, because I cannot justify spending money on clothes for myself, not even secondhand. Well, at least, I couldn’t before. And then I got pregnant, and amongst the containers full of borrowed maternity clothes were a few skirts. One was a maternity pencil skirt and one was just a stretchy circle skirt. And, throughout my pregnancy those items were my favorite to wear. I was building my own personal style. My mom uniform, if you will. I noticed I was more comfortable, and was more confident, and I had more than one option to wear to Mass now. So, slowly I have collected enough skirts and dresses to fill a over weeks’ worth- which is as often as I do laundry. Perfect.




And that reminded me of three years ago, when Rosie did a Pants Free July Challenge. I said to myself, “Self, you could do a Pants Free July! That could be fun.”  So, I started to organize my wardrobe and packed away warmer clothes (because, in Minnesota, you can’t safely put those things away until the end of May, possibly early June). I pulled out my summer clothes (read one pair of shorts and one pair of capris) and promptly realized that the 10ish or so pounds I had gained since we stopped nursing was going to be a deal-breaker. Pants, jeans especially, are not very forgiving. I tried to wear one pair and was so uncomfortable it made me cranky. I am not the most pleasant person anyway, so we don’t need to add to everyone’s misery. And then I says to myself again, “Self, why stop at a Pants Free July? You could do a Pants Free Summer. And, you’ll be cooler, and more comfortable, and more confident. For the whole summer, not just July.”

Challenge accepted.

So, for the 99 Days of Summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) I am going Pants Free. Who wants to join me? Feel free to modify your challenge to a Pants Free June, July, or August if you feel like a whole summer is a smidge over the top. It might be.

And, I think Rosie was toying with the idea of a Pants Free July again, too.


3 thoughts on “Fashion For The Stylistically Impaired (FFTSI): 99 Days of Summer- Pants Free Challenge Edition

  1. Hooray! I’ll post Pants-Free July guidelines next month for anyone who wants to join in 🙂 Hopefully this’ll get me off my lazy pregnant butt so that I stop wearing the same outfit over and over again!

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