Lazy Liturgical Living: June

I have been meaning to implement this liturgical living business for ages. I talk about well-intentioned plans all the time. I have activities planned out for the kid(s), I have relevant Bible Stories, prayers, candles, ethnically appropriate dishes, desserts. But, it never seems to take.

Maybe it is just the season that I am in (all kids under 7, but especially the toddler twins), or maybe it’s just us? Maybe we aren’t that put together? I am not sure how you can be as steadfast INTJ as I am and not have it together, but here I am, killing it.

I had finally realized that I was doing too much to start with. I planned to follow Kendra’s advice to start small: Name days, baptism days, Solemnities, and some Marian Days and Feast Days of Saints with some personal significance. That didn’t take yet, largely due to some personal tragedies throwing us all into survival mode for most of 2016 thus far.

But, I am ready to pick it back up. Starting with June.

Thus, I present to you, Lazy Liturgical Living: June Spotlight

Friday, June 3- Sacred Heart of Jesus

I found these adorable (and simple-looking) Sacred Heart Cupcakes on  Bonnie’s blog. Bonnie has several great food options on this post, but my kids are really into strawberries these days.
Then, I found a Scared Heart coloring sheet for the 7 year old. (I am not going to post a link, but seriously, you can just Google “Sacred Heart of Jesus coloring sheets” and get many good returns.
I have been hesitant with art for the liturgical year, because it’s  not my thing. I am not artsy. I like to do prayers and read. My 7 year old does not. He does like to color, though, and I figure I can read him a Prayer to the Sacred Heart and a few relevant Bible Stories while he is coloring and I might have more success.

Friday, June 24- Nativity of St John the Baptist

I found a few seemingly delicious recipes for Grasshopper Pie, you know, cause JTB ate locusts. But, in the interest of staying true to myself, and this lazy title, I will probably end up picking up store-bought Grasshopper Ice Cream.
I have already printed off a coloring sheet so that I can hold my kid hostage while I read him a Bible story about St John the Baptist.
I am also a huge fan of the fact that the Nativity of St John the Baptist happens around the Summer Solstice. So the days are actually decreasing until the Winter Solstice, which is about the time of Christmas, when the days increase again. You know,  “I must decrease, so that He may increase”. Learned that from Kendra’s page, too. She also does a Bonfire for this Feast day, and I love a good fire. Maybe I will work that in.

Wednesday, June 29- Feast Day of Sts Peter and Paul

Again, I found some coloring pages, I plan to pray the Apostles Creed out loud with the kids, and select a few good readings from the Bible relating to each Saint. If we have time, I saw this idea to make cupcakes with the shields for Sts Peter and Paul, I would go much lazier than that and just print off the shields and stick them to toothpicks and into the cupcakes. But, it is also a Wednesday and I work full time, so if that doesn’t come to pass, oh well.

However, since I do live in Saint Paul, home of the National Shrine of Saint Paul, I do plan to make a “pilgrimage” and attend Daily Mass at Cathedral. It’s also a Holy Door, which I have not entered yet, so I would like to do that and offer indulgences for my brother’s soul.

I am sure there are many fabulous June Feast days we are not celebrating, but I am happy with this start. June is also my birthday month and our Anniversary month, so we have a lot going on.

How will you be celebrating liturgically this month?


2 thoughts on “Lazy Liturgical Living: June

  1. ‘I have relevant Bible Stories, prayers, candles, ethnically appropriate dishes, desserts. But, it never seems to take.’

    Get a folder, or what ever works for you, and put all your plans in it. Just plan a month at a time, so you know what’s coming up (alternatively write down what you’ve done as you do it. But usually what’s not planned ahead doesn’t get done). Don’t worry about what you miss. It’ll swing back around again before you know it. Some times you’ll miss something, sometimes manage a little, sometimes a lot. If it’s in your planner you have a greater chance of doing it. As the years go by little people will help remind you of what they want to do again. They may even help you with it. Don’t worry too much about what’s happening on all those blogs out there, except when they help you achieve something you want to build into your own traditions.

    Particularly as you are a blogger, blog it. I find this really helps me. I go to my own blog to help me remember what I’ve done in previous years. It’s amazing how much you can forget in one year. It’s getting the initial idea into action that’s the hardest. Once you’ve done it once you, and if you’ve recorded it… so easy to just repeat it, or add to it.

    How will we be celebrating the liturgical year this month. I always have our home altar set up according to the liturgical year, so this months theme is the Sacred Heart.
    We won’t do too much this month though as I’m still feeling ill with morning sickness.
    The biggest day will be tomorrow, the feast of the Sacred Heart 🙂

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