FFTSI- Summer Challenge Update

I started my summer challenge to only wear skirts and dresses on Memorial Day, and I have learned two things. Well two that I want to share today anyway.

The first, my 7 year old needs serious picture-taking lessons.





The second, I am not good at having my picture taken daily. This is a concern I knew would come up. So, I have about a week’s worth of blurry pictures to share with you all.





But, rest assured, aside from putting leggings on under my skirt at a Bonfire last night, I have remained pants-free.  And, thus far, despite an ink pant ruining one of my favorite outfits, it’s been lovely.


This last one was taken last Friday. We were invited to a Peruvian Dinner at the Rectory with our three Priests and three of the brothers.

Maybe I’ll take some more over the coming weeks and share again all summer? I dunno. Like I said, having my picture taken is about my least favorite activity.


2 thoughts on “FFTSI- Summer Challenge Update

    1. Thankfully, no! That’s is my favorite all put together, too! I feel like such a grown-up. 🙂

      The light colored patterned skirt, it’s like cream with brown and blue pattern got ink on it and just a plain orange tee that I like to wear with it and my orange cardigan.

      I managed to get the ink out of the skirt, so that it amazing. The shirt is plain and simple and easy to replace.


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