7QT– On Politics, Books, and Making Plans

I am getting myself back into the habit of regular writing by extracting these quick takes.


I hate politics. I posted about this yesterday, though it was sitting in my drafts for a few days. But, in summation this is my feeling: Is it better to give my soul to the devil for nothing in return (HRC), or to sell my soul to the devil and hope that he actually compensates me (Trump)?


I started a book club and we are reading Divine Mercy for Moms. Maybe you don’t understand how insane this is. I am the most introverted person I have ever met (because if you are more introverted than me you probably never leave your house). There is the “In-Real-Life” club with some other Marker Mamas and an online version that is SO MUCH BIGGER THAN I EVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. The authors are involved. Here I am, casually befriending actual published authors all because I started a book club online. Writer-fan-girl-swoon. Break out of your shell, fellow introverts.


Aforementioned online book club is something like 1/3 of the way complete and I am in talks with Karee Santos of Can We Cana to help facilitate a book club for her book: The Four Keys to Everlasting Love. Karee is a co-facilitator of the current book club and I am SO looking forward to reading this book that she co-authored with her husband. Stay tuned for more details on that!http://canwecana.blogspot.com/p/our-book.html


I am feeling much more like an actual living person these days so I have really ramped up my book reading. I think I have read 7 books so far this year, with 3-4 in process. And, I learned that I can get a library card from UST as a Neighbor. EEK. I have a schedule devised already with 20 or so more book that I think I can squeeze into this year. A little over ambitious? Probably.


I had my husband turn in my application to the Catechetical Institute today. I am really hoping to be accepted, but I did request some financial aid, so there is a chance I will not be accepted if the aid is not available. Crossing my finger. (Again, ambition much?)


I have also agreed to be a part of my Parish RCIA Team this year, primarily focused on sponsor formation. We don’t really know what this is going to look like or what will entail just yet. This is our testing the waters year, but I am SO excited.


In less thrilling news, I have many plans for re-arranging the house this weekend which should make rooms more functional and alleviate the need for as many barricades. And, maybe we can off-load some of our junk, too. Only time will tell.

That’s all I have got for ya, check Kelly’s page out for more!


Happy Friday!


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