Kiddo Summer Titles

I mentioned in 7QT the other day that I have been reading a lot more. Well, not only have I been reading more, but I have been reading with the kids a lot more, too. And, needless to say, I was getting sick of reading the same book over, and over, and over.

Enter the Library!

It had been a few months since we went, because I am a bit of a shut-in, and the thought of bringing toddlers anywhere, much less a library was off-putting. But, we mustered up some courage and away we went. And, as with most things in my life, it was so much easier than I was expecting.

So, here is what we have been reading this week with the babies.

Confession: A speak hardly a lick of Spanish, even after taking 4 years in high school and a semester in college. I mean, I think I can give Wyclef  a run for his rudimentary-Spanish-speaking money, but that is as far as it goes.

Secondary confession: my husband also speaks about as much Spanish as I do. So, we’d like to remedy that as much as we can with the kids.

I am making it a goal to check out a new book in Spanish each week at la biblioteca just for los ninos. And, cashed in all my Spanish for the day.

F. and I have been reading Treasure Island off and on for the better part of the year. He just isn’t as into reading as I had hoped. And, when he does want to read he gravitates toward things like the Magic Tree House and Pete the Cat. Not classics. So, I haven’t been pushing too hard, but I would like him to have some kind of classic literary foundation. So, I ask if he wants to read it every so often and when he relents, I subtly rejoice. We’ll finish it this year. And then I can force Tom Sawyer on him.

What are you reading with your kids?


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