7QT- Fall dreamin’ and a FFTSI Update



I don’t mean to wish summer away, but fall is just over the horizon and I am so happy. I am a fall girl. I can’t do the humidity. Once it gets over 80 degrees I get cranky. So basically the entire months of July and August we become shut-ins. But, once September/October roll around, and the days are more 50-70 degrees—that is when I thrive. I know. I live in Minnesota, and everyone always scolds me, “Don’t complain about this weather when in 6 months we are going to buried under a foot of snow and be lucky to get above zero.” I am a hearty gal. I was made for the colder months. And, yes—pumpkin spice everything in about one month.


But—fall also means Back-to-School. So, in the coming weeks we have school supplies and uniforms to get. We also have to get my stubborn 7-year-old back into a decent bedtime routine. I can make a schedule like nobody’s business, it’s the actually enforcing it part that I fail at miserably.


Back-to-school time is also back-to-work time for the hubs. He is been busy these last few days getting training classes set-up and doing menu planning and all the little pieces that come with running a kitchen. He is a lot like the 7-year-old in that, sure, vacations are nice, but they need to be back into a routine by about this far in.


In other news, I was accepted into the Catechetical Institute this fall. This is a two-year program that meets on Mondays during the regular school year where we learn more about the Faith through studying the Catechism. I am so excited about this. It is a little expensive for our tight budget, but I applied for a scholarship. The acceptance letter did not mention the scholarship request, so I need to find out if that has been granted before I get too excited.


I also have exciting news on the job-front. I am currently “working out-of-class” in a Management Analyst position. This positon is the first I have held that is considered on the “professional” level and it has been challenging and more rewarding than I could ever imagine. However, the WOC ends in October. A permanent position was posted at the same level this week and I have been fine-tuning the resume and have applied. It’s a little bittersweet for me, because so much of me so wants to be a stay-at-home-mom. I have been praying for sign that I was meant to be a SAHM, praying for the right opportunity to present itself so I would know. But, it hasn’t come. What has come is more opportunity for me to advance in my career and I am not sure if this means I am following God’s plan and He does have ways to use me here; or, if it is some kind of test of will—to see how much I will give up in order to do something else. Discernment is hard for me because I over-analyze. Could you pray for me?


Update on the Fashion for the Stylistically Impaired. I suck at long running themes, clearly. Mostly, if they also involve taking pictures of myself. But, I will say, I have only worn skirts every day since Memorial Day even though I totally ended up with an awful thigh chafe one particularly hot and humid week. Long walks to the bus stop on humid days are not my cup o’tea. PS. Aquaphor totally works for the grown-up version of diaper rash. Such a lady.


Last 7QT I mentioned doing some rearranging. It mostly got done, but I still need to put the finishing touches on everything, and get some pictures from after 2013 printed and hung up. I don’t think I have more than 3 pictures from post-2013 printed. And that period of time included a wedding, the birth of two children, the baptism of 3 children, my own baptism. I mean, some pretty important memories there. But, once I am satisfied (har—that could never happen), I have plans to share the developments as part of a bigger pieces I am working on. I have high hopes for it, but time will tell.


Happy Friday, all. Swing back over to Kelly and see what else is going on in the 7QT-blogosphere.


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