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Lazy Liturgical Living: August Spotlight

There is something, I dunno, peaceful about a blank dry-erase calendar.

But only for a moment, and then my OCD planning panic sets in.

August: The Calm Before The Storm. The Last Vestiages of Summer. Smack in the middle of Ordinary Time. Would that may calendar look like this year round.

This calendar is a bit deceiving as I don’t have start dates yet for soccer (Reminder to self: make sure your son is registered for soccer. #momoftheyear), or Cub Scouts. But liturgically speaking, August isn’t too busy. There are some biggies in here, but not a whole lot else. And that’s hows I likes my months.

Anyway, how you ask, will the ever festive Torres family be celebrating August in the liturgical year? Oh, so kind of you to ask.

First, August is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I don’t think I have an Immaculate Heart of Mary Holy Card, but I am going to track one down for the centerpiece of the altar.

I also wrote on our handy-dandy dry-erase board the verse from Luke 2:19: “Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.” 

Some feast days we plan to celebrate this month:

August 6th- Feast of the Transfiguration– This story is one of my 7-year-old’s favorite. Back when I was a decent mother and I read from the Children’s Bible every night, he would often request: “The one where Jesus is surrounded by light.” I plan to read the story from the Children’s Bible, maybe find a coloring sheet. We are going to have a family cookout, probably have some dessert–that is our favorite way to feast. Simple.

August 10th- Feast of our Parish Dedication and Ice Cream Social– We will attend Mass and go to the Ice Cream Social after. I will probably talk to F. about what a dedication is and why it is a reason to Celebrate. Nothing too extravagant.

August 15th– The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary- I plan to start the day with blueberry muffins since blue is Mary’s color. It’s a Monday morning, so muffins on a week day are certainly a treat! We will attend Mass at 7pm since Mike will be back to work, too. I am thinking about doing an Assumpta Salad, though I know I will be the only one that eats it—I might make it for lunch instead of dinner. Depending on how the night is going, we will have some kind of dessert and pray either a decade of the Rosary with the kids, or maybe just a Hail Mary or Memorare.

August 22nd– The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary– Another Monday feast day—I am thinking I will make cupcakes with blue frosting on Sunday and we will eat them (most of them) on Monday. I will have Felipe do a coloring sheet and maybe make a tiny crown for our Mary figurine. Then end the night with a decade of the Rosary, Memorare, or simple Hail Mary if that is all we can muster.

August 23rd– The Feast of Saint Rose of Lima– Saint Rose of Lima is my confirmation Saint. Last year I made some Alfajores and they turned out delicious. Granted, I made them with Dulce de Leche and Peruvian Alfajores are made with manjar blanco. Close enough. M. and I went to a Peruvian dinner at the Rectory with our Priests and brother, most of whom are from Peru, back in June and the food was amazing. I am trying to talk Mike into making a Peruvian dish for dinner, too—but again, it’s a Tuesday and we will both be back to work. But, I could really go for some Anticuchos (ehem, beef heart kabobs, yeah—delicious), some papas a la huancaina, Peruvian ceviche, and especially a pisco sour. I might make the Dulce de Leche for the alfajores over the weekend, and prep the rest of the meal over the weekend and just fire everything Tuesday night. Aside from the feast, I have a Saint Rose of Lima candle that we can light and prayer card we can display and pray from.

August 29th– The Passion of Saint John the Baptist– I am having a tough time finding traditions for this feast day. Traditions for the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist are many—but not for his Passion. I mean, we can read the story, perhaps do a coloring sheet, have dessert. After all the work we will put into the Feast of Saint Rose of Lima, I think we can take it easy for JTB’s Passion. Unless someone knows of some fairly simple traditions?


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