My Sunday Best: Migraine Addition

I finally took pictures of what we all wore today (granted the pic of me is not great) and was so excited to link up yesterday.

We went to the 11am Mass, which note to self, no more 11am Mass, the kids are awful. We endured the wrestling match that is twin toddlers at Mass, picked up some lunch, came home and immediately I was struck with a migraine. Figures. One bonus about NFP is now that I have been tracking cycles, there seems to be a pattern emerging with regards to these migraines.  

At any rate, I present to you My (Our) Sunday Best. 

 The boys. Clearly the 7 year old is thrilled to be getting ready for Mass. 

A much better shot. The night before, we had cousins over for a cookout. He was playing tag after dark and ran into our neighbors post. That’s the mark on his face. You cannot make this up.

Ah, Isabel. Ever over dramatic. She is upset, not that I want to take her picture, she loves that, but that it’s not a selfie. 

And, you win baby girl. There is a full body shot of me this week, but it is a super unflattering angle. So this will do. Brown jersey dress for the win. 

Check out more over at Rosie’s page.

And boom. Tapped this out on the bus ride into work. Multi-tasking master today. 😉


3 thoughts on “My Sunday Best: Migraine Addition

  1. I would get so much book reading done if I had a non-driving commute! As it is, I’ve taken up podcast listening. It’s tricky because I’ve gotten attached to my podcasts now, so when I’m off from work, I fall behind. I like how realistic you post-Mass atmosphere seems. Everyone had to behave for a *whole hour*, so now all bets are off. 🙂


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