30 by 30

I read Bonnie’s birthday post last month and it got me thinking, I totally should make a list of things I want to do before 30. I am not particularly sentimental about it yet, but I can only imagine I will be next year. And, lists are my jam. Sure, I could wait until my birthday to post these things, like a normal person. But I am not going to wait until my 29th birthday to make a list of 30 things I would like to do before 30, because I am going to need more than a year. (Probably, I will need more than the year and 10 months I am giving myself, but that is beside the point).

Thus I present to you my 30 by 30. (I wanted to title this 30 for 30, though it doesn’t really make sense, but I am sure ESPN has that trademarked).

  1. Buy a house
  2. Plant a garden
  3. Hold a permanent “professional level” position
  4. Complete the Catechetical Institute
  5. Be in the habit of eating veggies everyday
  6. Lose 25 extra pounds I am carrying around right now, and hopefully not gain any more
  7. Be in the habit of exercising regularly
  8. Potty-train the babies (they will be three by then. That should be do-able, right)
  9. Take the family on a road trip
  10. Visit the North Shore with the kids
  11. Visit the North Shore without the kids
  12. Learn to cook, at least a few staple meals
  13. Learn to bake bread (real yeast bread, no bread machine)
  14. Knit and or crochet a few things—like, wearable things.
  15. Go to confession monthly
  16. Be smart about money
  17. Write everyday
  18. Read everyday
  19. Read the entire Bible
  20. Get better at celebrating the Liturgical Year, especially with the kids
  21. Keep a prayer journal (and make it a habit to be praying for others everyday)
  22. Perform the Spiritual Works of Mercy
  23. Perform the Corporal Works of Mercy
  24. Make a pilgrimage
  25. Volunteer more (and with F.)
  26. Waste less time (especially on the computer/phone)
  27. Read all the classics I have been meaning to read for years and never get around to
  28. Deepen my prayer life
  29. Get family pictures taken (ideally more than one)
  30. Be happy in my own, ordinary, simple, present life

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