7QT- Images from Rio

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil have been upon us for one week now. My family loves the Olympics. We watch little else. I was gymnastics in high school and my husband was in track and the Olympics is the pinnacle of both sports. We enjoy many other sports, too, but those two especially have a place in our hearts.

I’ve been planning to make my takes this week on the Olympics since last week. I almost wrote on some of the controversies of the Olympics, but that quickly got out-of-hand. So in an effort to stay true to nature of quick takes and, ya know, be quick, I am opting to go with my favorite images of week 1.

1. Laurie Hernandez on bars. 

Photo courtesy of USA Gymnastics Facebook page.

Bars is Laurie’s weakest event. She didn’t even get to complete bars at the Olympics, but this image from Podium Training is amazing. Her flexibility is unmatched. If you haven’t seen her floor or beam routine, do yourselves a favor and look them up. She has a good shot a medaling on beam. She also just turned 16, and ordinarily, gymnasts only make one trip to the Olympics, but Aly and Gabby have set a precedent. I am hoping to see Laurie in Tokyo in 2020.

2. Lilly King’s finger wag.

Photo: Gabriel Bouys, AFP Getty Images.

This was part of my almost-post on controversies. I don’t personally see anything unsportsmanlike in Lilly’s finger wag after best Yulia Efimova in the 100m breaststroke. Good, clean, competitive fun. I love it.   

3. Michael Phelps’ PhelpsFace.

Photo via Twitter.
Watching Chad le Clos borderline taunt Michael Phelps in the ready room before the 200 fly was almost better than the race itself.  But,  Phelps’ reaction? Priceless. Unless you’ve been living under a rock,  I assume you’ve seen the memes. 

4. Katie Ledecky dominating the 400m freestyle.

 Photo via NBC Olympics.  

Again, after this race,  memes galore. Michael Phelps is the Katie Ledecky of men’s swimming. Bonus points for Ledecky being Catholic. 😉

5. Aly Raismann’s parents.

Photo courtesy of NBC Sports via: http://buff.ly/2b30npx 

Somethings never change.  Aly’s parents were just as nervous in London as they are in Rio. I hope they brought a doctor with them to monitor her mom’s heart. 

6. The Final Five announcing their moniker to Martha Karolyi.

Photo via Simone Biles Instagram

They just won Gold and with their long-awaited team name they honor their coach. The greatest gymnastics coach of all time. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t cry watching this. 

7. Aly Raismann’s redemption in the All-Around. 

Photo courtesy of USA Gymnastics Facebook page. 

Aly was robbed of the bronze medal in London by some crazy rule that doesn’t allow for a tie in gymnastics. Her continuing to train and ultimately come to Rio was largely for redemption in the AA. I cried here, too. Gymnastics is an emotional sport. 

Check back with Kelly for more quick takes. 


One thought on “7QT- Images from Rio

  1. Great moments and what an Olympics it has been so far! I’m loving it. My oldest chose Katie Ledecky as her personal favorite after watching her first race, and it’s been a lot of fun for her to continue to see her dominate. What a great role model.


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