31 Days: Why I am Catholic  {God, the Father}

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that we can know God though our observations of his creation, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, but also through Divine Revelation.

I believe that God the Father revealed himself fully to the Israelites first through the Patriarchs. We see this illustrated in the Old Testament. God makes covenants with Abraham, Noah, Moses, and David that slowly build up into and foreshadow the perfect covenant with Jesus in which he become fully His sons and daughters. 

Throughout my faith journey I’ve always been drawn to the The God of Israel, even when I wasn’t sure there was a God. I was envious of the faith of the Jews (mostly because I hadn’t also given Catholics a fair chance to be jealous of their Faith, too. Had I done so, I may have converted earlier). I ached so much to be called God’s People. And, now that I am Catholic, I am so much more than that. I am His Daughter.

I will get more into this a few days when I discuss the Holy Catholic Church, but I believe the Catholic Church holds the fullness of truth, we are the fulfillment of Israel, and all of God’s covenants with His People. We are sons and daughters, redeemed in the blood of His Son. 


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