31 Days: Why I am Catholic  {Jesus Christ, His Only Son, Our Lord}

After I received the gift of faith in God, and after I studied my way into God the Father of the Old Testament, it still took me a bit to fully accept His Son.

The first big watershed type moment came at a wedding. Listening to the testimony and witness of their tremendously gifted Pastor  (also the Father of the groom) opened up a hole in my heart. A Jesus-sized hole, if you will. He still made no sense. I couldn’t understand with my head, but my heart was moved. I didn’t do much with this conviction: I read the Bible rather skeptically and attended a service at the Church of the couple whose wedding ceremony so touched me. But, I wasn’t fully committed. 

Then, God put me in touch with CS Lewis by way of Mere Christianity. His infamous argument: Lunatic, Liars, or Lord actually did finally convict me. (For an approachable take on this theory, see Meg’s series). (Starts there, there are 4 parts, poke around her blog–it’s phenomenal and literally moved my conversion).

Reader’s Digest version: We know Jesus is a real historical person, and he made some serious claims. That leaves three outcomes: he is a Lunatic, and Liar, or the Lord Incarnate. Ultimately we know he is Our Lord because of the Scripture and Tradition that was passed down. Now, Oral Tradition was more reliable in the ancient world than most written history is now. We also have the witness and testimony of the Apostles. They lived with him, they watched his miracles, they saw his death and resurrection, they has the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon them. And they died preaching Christ Crucified and Resurrected. You don’t just give your life for a liar ornaments lunatic . 

And, in case you’re wondering, I did doubt the accuracy of the apostles stories and of the Bible itself. However, the book Evidence That Demands a Verdict cleared those objections up for me.

Scientific and logical arguments aren’t going to win over any souls on their own. You can’t argue someone into the Church. But, once the gift of faith has been received these “heady” arguments do remove doubts. Becauae out Faith is logical, and reasonable. Faith surpassed reason, but will never contradict it.

Once the doubt was removed, it was like St Paul after the scales had fallen from his eyes.


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