31 Days: Why I am Catholic  {The Communion of Saints}

So, this weekend happened. And posting did not. I assumed that would happen at some point this month. 

Working full time, and kids, and class, and sleep.. all that makes writing for a blog everyday hard. I debated posting all my intended posts on one day to catch up, but that quickly became overwhelming. So. We are just going to pretend I haven’t missed 4 days, I rearranged my outline a bit, and I will just carry on. 

So. The Communion of Saints. This follows the Holy Catholic Church, because the Communion of Saints is the Church. 

First, to address some misconceptions. Catholics don’t worship the Saints, and we don’t pray to statues. We don’t think Saints are granting out prayers when we ask for intercessions.

Catholics ask Saints to pray for us, to take our prayers to Jesus, as in the book of Revelation. This is no different than asking your friends on earth to pray for you. Saints are alive in heaven, more alive than we are, and closer to God. They can hear our mental prayers and they hear they all at once from all over the world because heaven is, like God, outside of time and space and God has allowed for this communication between His Body on earth and on Heaven.

When we celebrate Saints Feast days it’s just honoring a Holy life. It’s like honoring the memory of your relatives or historical figures.

The reason I think the Communion of Saints is beautiful, and within the Will of God is because it is ultimately about love. Praying for each other is an act of mercy and asking for prayers helps to rid us of our pride. It allows us to work with God to love others, to will the good of the other as other, and to fully humble ourselves before each other in prayer.


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