31 Days: Why I am Catholic  {The Sacrament of Confirmation}

Following Baptism is the Sacrament of Confirmation. Confirmation completes baptism grace. In the Roman Rite, infant baptism is typical and Confirmation usually occurs in the 8th grade. 

At confirmation, the confirmands are anointed with chrism oil and sealed with the Holy Spirit. Anointing with oil symbolizes joy, cleansing, and is a sign of healing. As this completes the Baptismal grace of healing from sin and serves to bring us closer to Christ. 

Confirmation puts a mark, or seal of the Holy Spirit, on our souls. Though conformation Christ claims us for Himself (2 Corinthians 1:21-22).

At Confirmation we renew our Baptismal vows and are anointed with chrism. The Bishop, who is the ordinary celebrant for Confirmation, extends his hands over the group. This has been a sign for the gift of the Holy Spirit  sense the times of the apostles. When the bishop anoints the confirmands with oil he says the words, “Be sealed with the Holy Spirit”.

I like the Roman Rite tradition of having the Rite of Confirmation at about 8th grade as I feel it’s a pivotal time to be marked for Christ. It’s an important time in a young person’s life to be sealed with the Holy Spirit and to be strengthened with Grace.


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