Odds and Sods

Showing my face again after the failure that was 31 Days.

31 Days was mostly a failure, and I knew it would be but I wanted to try. I am in a tricky season of life, with small children, and school-aged busyness, and a full time job. Writing is my first love (maybe my second, after reading), and I am determined to plug away at it, but now is not my time. And that’s OK.

This is not to say I am giving up on blogging all together. I am not. But, I am busy, and I am taking classes with the Catechetical Institute, so, many posts per week isn’t feasible. But, I will make regular writing a priority and hopefully regular posting will become a fruit of this labor.

One thing I learned from my attempt at 31 Days is I really need to take stock of my time, and be intentional. Well, no, I have known that and fully meant to implement that months ago. But, man distraction is so easy to fall into.

I also need to make time for more reading. Because your writing is only as good as the last thing you read. And if the only thing I ever read is the Catechism and FB, well…

I thought about making this a 7QT, but it’s not. It’s more of a ambiguous to-do list.

My blogging odds and sods. How I will get back into the groove ( or sure I was ever in a groove, but that’s beside the point).

Step One: Take stock of my time.

Step Two: Write everyday, even if it’s not publishable. Nay, especially if it’s not publishable.

Step Three: Make more time for reading.

Step Four: Finally freshen up the blog per the consultation you received a full two months ago.

And there you have it. I hope to have more content in the coming days.

God bless.


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