7QT Be The Love

This week has been stressful for many Americans. I tend to be one to take on the anxiety and fear of those around me. So, I had some moments of chicken-little the-sky-is-falling for a few days and now I am just looking to find some peace again. Because, the bottom line is, no–I am not happy with our president-elect, but I wasn’t going to be happy either way. And, more importantly, we are not defined by our leaders. To an extent we are defined by our actions, but on a deeper level we are defined by our Creator. I am a daughter of the King and that didn’t change Tuesday night.

The world has seen darker days and it will likely see more in the future. But, Jesus conquered death and we are called to be an Easter People. So, no more despairing. This is how I resolve to be the love.


  1. Pray. Pray, hope, and don’t worry. I will pray for peace. I will pray for our leaders. I will pray for Trump to show some humility and for God to work good through him. I will pray for those feeling oppressed. I will pray for those who feel that retreating into hatred is the only measure of preservation. And, you should too.
  2. I will take time to reflect before being reactionary. I will take time for quiet. Process.
  3. I will love at home first. I will be patient with myself, my kids, my husband. I will love by serving them, by teaching them.
  4. I will be kind. Period. No exceptions, no exclusions. This is the epitome of a Christian life. I will be kind to those who are kind and to those who are not and I will expect nothing in return for my kindness.
  5. I will get out in my community and serve. I can serve my Church. I can serve those in need. I can feed the hungry.
  6. I will listen. We have lost the humanity of our fellow human beings. In order to rediscover that humanity we have to see each other as people. We have to get to know each other. We have to listen to their stories, their hopes, their joys, their fears. Even when it makes us uncomfortable. Especially when it makes us uncomfortable.
  7. I will take a step back from social media. I don’t need to engage in every opportunity for argument or discussion. I don’t need to bombard myself with people who have walled themselves up and refuse to see God in their fellow humans. And, this is on both sides.


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