7QT  {Things I do Instead of Black Friday}

I don’t do Black Friday. Mostly because I am lazy, and I don’t have my stuff together enough to get my shopping done before December. But, partially it is because the whole thing rubs me the wrong way.

Don’t get me wrong, I get the appeal of a good deal. I don’t have the biggest holiday budget, either, but Black Friday is just too much for me. All the people. The chaos. The lines. All for what? Save a few bucks on some things? For me, it’s not worth it. 

Here is what I do with an extra day off of work instead of shop.

1. Sleep in. Thanksgiving is always a later night for the kids and miraculously the toddlers actually slept in. Which means, aside from the 5:30 am wake up for a temperature reading (thanks, NFP), mommy also got to sleep in. Until 7am! Unheard of. 

2. Drink an extra cup of coffee. It’s the little things. We don’t have any plans or anywhere to today, so this is one rare day per year where I get to sort-of-leisurely drink my coffee.

3. Snuggle up with my minions. Extra dance party time, extra cartoon marathons, extra book reading. Extra fighting over toy refereeing. Take the good, take the bad.

4. Bake all the cookies. I know. It’s not Christmas yet. It’s almost Advent and we are supposed to be waiting in austere longing for Christmas. We are also converts and this is one stronghold I am not sure I will ever break with my huband. So, he insists Christmas starts after Thanksgiving.  I acquiesce, and then I insist that it continues at least through Epiphany. Compromise. 

5. (Usually) Set up the tree and decorate. Again, see above. We are pretty minimalist people naturally, so this is the one time of the year that we actually decorate. There is something about the soft glow of Christmas tree lights against a snowy winter night that just warms my soul. So we soak it all in from Black Friday til probably Candlemas. But, we actually put it up early this year. Hubby has had a rough fall, he needed something to lift his spirits. 😉

6. Go to a State Park. Maybe. We might do this, if lazy snuggling doesn’t win out. Minnesota DNA has waved all entrance fees to State Parks on Black Friday in an effort to get people enjoying the outdoors instead of trampling each other shopping. I love the idea of it. And, the weather isn’t too bad today. Only time will tell.

7. Peruse Online Sales. There. See. I am not all sanctimony. There are some good online deals that people have been posting. I am not opposed to online shopping on Black Friday. I will be honest, it still seems like too much work for me (I told you. Lazy), but if it strikes me, I am not going to snub a good deal. 

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2 thoughts on “7QT  {Things I do Instead of Black Friday}

  1. I’m not a big Black Fridayer either. If I go to the store, it’s usually in the afternoon when the crowds have dispersed. I don’t get the deals, but it’s not worth it to me to get out in that craziness just to save a couple of bucks. 🙂
    I hopped online to Bath & Body Works this morning: buy 3, get 3 free! And I had a code for $10 off, so it was like getting each lotion for $5! 🙂


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