7QT  {O Come O Come Emmanuel}

I like to make lists. For anything. And, one day as I was stuck in the car running errands with the hubs, I decided to make a list of my favorite Christmas songs. 

And of course what flows naturally from lists? Grouping the lists. So, look forward to a series of Christmas songs for 7QT for a few weeks closer to Christmas. 

But, since it is Advent, I decided to make a list of my favorite Advent songs. Except, I realized I don’t really have any. Aside from the best Advent song of all time: On Come O Come Emmanuel. 

Sidebar: When I was pregnant two years ago during Advent I was so moved by this song that I nearly named Isaac Emmanuel . 

So, on the first Monday of Advent, which was a dark, rainy, November morning, I sat home with a sick kiddo and listened to as many versions as I could find and it was lovely. Here are my 7 favorite.

1. Sufjan Stevens– The quintessential Catholic hipster version, no? I like this versions uniqueness, but it isn’t really my style.

2. Matt Maher– This was on a lot of lists of the best versions of O Come. It’s a beautiful version, but not haunting enough to be my favorite.

3. Citizen Shade– This is a beautiful version. I love the bluesy vibe and the singers voice. The only thing keeping this version on the top half of my list is the arrangement is ever so slightly different than the traditional version.

4. Pentatonix– I never knew how much I love the Pentatonix . Their voices are unbelievable, and the lead has the haunting quality I look for during Advent, but the rest of it almost seems too–I don’t know–happy? 

5. Future of Forestry– I am a fan of the alt-rock sound of this version. Still sort of has that hint of longing.

6. Casting Crowns– Normally I don’t like instrumental versions of songs. I am not a super musical person (as you can probably tell by my taste in music) and I really need lyrics to connect to a song. But, this is perfectly haunting and full of longing . 

7. JJ Heller– Hands down, miles above all other versions I have heard, this one is my favorite. Her voice is unique but has the haunting aspect I keep talking about. I may have listened to this one on repeat several times a day since Bonnie shared her Advent playlist on the first Sunday of Advent. 

Do you have any other favorite versions I missed? Or, care to tell me how terribly wrong I am? Comment below! 

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