2017 New Year’s Resolutions


Well, guys and dolls. Here I am. Survived 2016. Barely. Survive is truly what I did, because there wasn’t much real living to be had. And, I am sort of seeing how I haven’t healed. For some reason I have been refusing to allow myself to grieve. I have been refusing myself the time and effort it takes to recover from such a trama. I put on a brave face and tried to force life to go on. A shell of myself moved forward, but the core was left behind. I am seeing that now.

I had a lot of goals for last year that just didn’t get done. I was feeling badly about that, but that’s silly. So, I am making 2017 about healing and renewal. In every way possible. Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. And my resolutions reflect that.

1. Pray more. I have gotten away from regular prayer this year. I didn’t mean to. But, I just couldn’t lift up my heart.

My initial plan was more than I could chew, so I am scaling down a bit to leave room for Lenten resolutions, and really my own human weakness.

My routine will look like this: Morning Offering, Lauds and Daily Mass readings before work; Angelus at noon, prayers before meals and with kids before bed; and an examination of conscience. I am also tossing in a weekly Rosary and a weekly Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

2. Read more. I never meet my reading goals. I am going loftier this year than last despite not even meeting those. I plan to post tomorrow with the reading goals. But, in short: read for 30 min per day and read 36 books in the year.

3. Write more. I have some interesting developments happening in this realm that I hope come to fruition and I can share soon. But, the short and sweet version is I plan to write for 30 min every day and make at least one blog post per week that is not a linkup.

4. Get healthy. The cliche resolution, no? But, if it’s something you need to do, than do it! I am hoping to lose 35 lbs and several inches of fat, but mostly to gain strength, energy and endurance, and develop a lifestyle that values true moderation so that I can have my health as I age.

I am not cutting anything out, but am scaling back my portions and lazily logging my food intake into My Fitness MyFitnessPal again. I plan to limit carbs and balance them with protein and fats, eat 3-5 servings of veggies and 2-3 fruits each day, cut back my processed food and junk food and just be more intentional with my food choices. I will probably be stricter early on to facilitate loss, but my goal is to eventually get to where I mostly eat what I want in reasonable portions, exercise frequently, and enjoy treats on special occasions. You know, what probably normal people without self control and weight issues probably do.

5. Waste less time on my phone. Another hold over from last year that didn’t go as planned. When I am struggling with things I tend to distract myself with my phone. I know this isn’t healthy, doesn’t help anything and sets a really bad example for my kids. It’s vague but if I can’t make good changes into he first few months of the year I am pulling out the big guns in the arena for Lent.

6. Be joyful. Sounds easy, but isn’t always. This is a conscious decision that I will need to make each and everyday. With praise to the Lord constantly on my lips, this should be second-nature and I hope by the end of the year it is so.

What are your goals or resolutions?


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