{7QT} A template, for when stringing together a list of 7 thoughts is too difficult. 

I made a resolution to write more, daily in fact. And, to post at least one non-link-up blog post per week. How has that been going you ask? Take a little gander at the last time I published I blog post. Not. Even. A. Link-up.

You know your writer’s block is hardcore when you can’t even make a 7QT.So, I am trying something out. Every couple of 7QT I am going to have a lil 7QT template, for when stringing together a list of 7 thoughts is too difficult. So, let
me know what you think of these prompts:



The Simple Life

This is where I will share the meat and potatoes of the mommy blog—cute photos and anecdotes of mom life.


Best of the Catholic Internet

This is going to be my round-up of all my favorite pieces on the interwebs. It will all be Catholic, I anticipate that there will be a lot o’ blogs. Mommy blogs mostly.

Culinary Delights

Here’s where I dish on food- ideally something I have made, and a nice little recipe. But, I am not too idealistic, it might end up being something we ordered or just something I am craving.


Literary Corner

What I am currently reading. And, since I plan to do every other 7QT or so in this format (unless it really goes over well for me) it will not be the same book two posts it a row. Is that too presumptuous
of me? I guess I can share kids book, too. If it comes down to that.


For Your Viewing Pleasure

Here I will talk my latest Netflix binge, or a movie I have recently watched—or re-watched for the umpteenth time.


My Two-Cents

This is the category I am most skeptical of. I intend for this to me my take on a current events issue. It will probably politics—which can be polarizing. Or, maybe sports, or cultural? Basically,
I will take a trending headline item that I have mulled over a bit and give you my
super qualified opinion on it.

Moments of Gratitude

And, to end on a light, happy note—I will share a simple moment that brought me joy or humbled me with thanksgiving. Because we surely cannot end on current events.

Gimme your honest thoughts!?

 Check out more 7QT over at Kelly’s spot. 

Edit: JK there are no QT today? 


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