Abortion Isn’t Complicated 

​Yesterday was  the 44th annual March for Life, marking 44 years since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United States. It has been a rather somber week for me. The internet is ablaze juxtaposing last weekend’s Women’s March
and the March for Life. I have prolife friends who are angry that the Women’s March in DC prohibited prolife organizations from joining the march officially, and angry that our March which has been going strong for 44 years consistently gets total radio silence
from the MSM. I have prochoice friends and family that are upset with the new president’s plans to end abortion posting Planned Parenthood propaganda requiring unparalleled levels of cognitive dissonance to accept.

I haven’t always stood on this side of the issue. I have tried so many times to tell that story, to carefully demonstrate where I was lost and when I became found. I have tried to write the perfect piece of apologetics against abortion,
believing that if I articulate my argument just so it will finally click.

Even though I have been on the other side, I can’t find the right words to make everyone see that an unborn baby is a person. The very moment the egg and sperm meet, fertilization, a new human person is created. And that human person has
to have every basic human right that every other human has, regardless of size or location.

That is what it comes down to—the abortion debate. It all hinges on whether the unborn baby is a human being or not. That is the only fact that matters. Because, if it isn’t a human being then there isn’t a debate to be had. Similarly,
if the unborn is a human person then any instance of abortion is nothing less than murder.  It isn’t complicated. It isn’t gray. It is a human person or it isn’t.

This is where I will get some gibberish about constitutional rights, or the age of viability. Neither of those can be the crux of an argument because they are not constant. Lest we forget, 200 years ago an entire race didn’t have constitutional
rights in American. Depending on who you ask, illegal immigrants don’t have constitutional rights. Does that make it okay to kill them? The age of viability is also contested. And, thanks to beautiful scientific advances, premature babies have a greater chance
at survival earlier and earlier.

No, neither of those definitions will do. Human development is scientifically traced back all the way to fertilization when two haploids form a diploid with its own unique DNA—a living, growing, human person.

It isn’t abortion that is complicated. It is rather simple. It is life that is complicated, and I promise you nothing about life will ever be anything but complicated. Does that make things any easier on the teenage girl who made a mistake,
or the woman who was raped, or the mom with too many mouths to feed as it is? No. But that is where the battle should be fought. If we truly care about women, truly believe in the dignity of women then we won’t feed them lies that they can’t be happy or successful
unless they kill their own child, regardless of the circumstances of their conception or the character of their father.

But, these words alone will never convince anyone of the truth. I know because I was there. Words helped, sure. They planted seeds. So, we prolifers must keep planting them. But seeds don’t grow just because they are planted. They need
some sunlight and water—and that is where prayer comes in.


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