Lazy Liturgical Living: February 

I dabbled a bit in the lazy liturgical living posts over the summer and am going to give it another go, now that I am trying to be a serious blogger again. 

A lot of my favorite bloggers have a monopoly of sorts on the liturgical living market. Honestly, a lot of my ideas are going to be adaptations of their wondeful recipes, crafts, activities and reverence. And, when credit is given, I think that’s a good thing. That is the beauty of the online  Catholic community. Sisterhood from afar. 

But, if I may be so bold, I think I have a perspective to add. My liturgical posts are for the moms who are just getting started with the liturgical year and are overwhelmed. Probably, they are going to be appealing to the working mom who spends most of her day outside the home and arrives home exhausted with precious little time to fit in all the things. 

This is not a working mom vs SAHM debate. Both have challenges, both work hard, just some challenges are unique to each and manifest in specific limitations.

I am hoping these will help encourage other busy, not as craft-inclined, moms to find their own unique ways, adaptations or otherwise, to bring the liturgical year into their homes. 

Now, being a relative newbie, and busy, and probably lazy- I find it impossible to celebrate every Feast day, or even anything close to all of them. So taking some wise advice, I started with the Solemnities, added Marian Feast days (we love mama Mary), and sprinkled in a tiny dash of Saints who are important to us. Some months are busy, some aren’t so much. 

February is a lighter month, liturgically. Which works out because we also have the twins birthday and  Felipe’s baptism day to celebrate. 

Candlemas/ Presentation of the Lord  I read somewhere that a Mexican tradition is to eat tamales and Mexicanhot chocolate on Candlemas. This is a win-win for me because i love another excuse to eat tamales, and hubby is much more apt to celebrate if I can tie it to a Mexican tradition. 

I also read a suggestion on Catholic Icing to sing “This little light of mine”, which is adorable, and super age appropriate for my littles. Probably we will also light candles and read the gospel story of the presentation at dinner. Our Parish is hosting William Byrd’s Mass for Four Voices at 6:30 on Candlemas. It’s geared toward young adults, with an interesting lecture to follow. I might go, alone because kids need to be in bed. We shall see. 

Our Lady of Lourdes– The feast day is on a weekend this year which is so awesome for working mamas, usually. But, its also the day of the Gala at our school. If i can talk my hubby into it, maybe we’ll have crepes for breakfast, since its French. But, he is working the Gala literally all day, so maybe I will make French toast, because my kids won’t know the difference. I will also pick up a book about St Bernadette to our seriously lacking library and read to the kids about the apparition and the miraculous healings. 

Chair of Saint Peter– Technically, I dont believe this is a solemnity, nor is it a feast day of family importance (though perhaps it should be). But, Kendra has this cute, simple post about Candy Chairs, how can you resist that? While assembling or eating said chairs, I’ll read the Gospel to the kids, you know, where Jesus given St Peter the keys to the kingdom. 
Fat Tuesday– Again, I am not even sure how liturgical Fat Tuesday is, given all that is associated with it in the US. But, we are hitting it hard for lent so we’ll have to eat all the sweets! Then, we’ll discuss our Lenten Resolutions as a family, though we’ll have discussed it before then, too, and set it all in stone. 


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