A Mom’s Prayer on a Sick Day

When faced with trials is it wrong to wonder, “What is God trying to teach me”? Is it wrong to assume all suffering has a particular lesson it brings? All suffering leads to Christ because it detaches us from this world and it forces us to make the very conscious decision to trust in God, or not. 
Could there be more than that? Does it even matter if there is more, knowing that ultimately God asks us to trust? Is just trusting enough to be called righteous?  

The hardest part is knowing that just trusting, even if I could do so as purely as Jesus at Gethsemane, doesn’t bring any promise that the suffering will then be alleviated. Even perfect faith in God doesn’t remove all suffering. It pushes us beyond it, beyond our earthly limits. It asks us to acknowledge that God is bigger than our earthly suffering, that no amount of earthly comfort can compare to eternal paradise. 

Perhaps my path to Holiness, to salvation will be littered with suffering? And that might be my biggest fear.

Lord, show me your Glory and give Mt the strength to truly be not afraid- whatever might cross might be, give me strength to carry it in perfect trust. Make my heart full of love for you, love that overcomes all fear. 


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