7QT: On Failures, Updates, and Hams (the cute kind)


Well, Lent is more than two weeks in and I am already recalibrating my resolutions. I think recalibration can be good. I have a feeling my Lent will still be fruitful. Remarkably, the Facebook fast has been one of the easiest fasts. And, on Sundays, when I log in to check notifications, I have found it much easier to keep from getting sucked into the Scroll-monster. Little victories.


I am woefully behind in my Reading Goals, too. No surprise. But, while I might not get to the 36 or so number I thought, I think I will at least get to 30. Which is admirable. Life is busy y’all. And I am just a lazy mom, standing in front of you, trying to be better,


Some exciting news: in just over a week I be will attending my first ever blogging conference. Guys. You guys. Do you have any idea who is going to be there? The lovely Nell, the poetic Laura, and the enchanting Haley. These are some of my Catholic, Mommy Blog, heroes. And I am going to meet them. IRL. Swoon.


Another update on the writing front: I published my first post as a contributor for CatholicMom.com last month. I am excited to be contributing to something other than my little space here. And to be reaching readers I might not have otherwise. You’ll find me there at least monthly, and I’ve got a few moonlighting jigs for the Daily Gospel Reflections, too. Head on over and check me out-and check out the other talented and faithful contributors while you are at it.


Speaking of writing: Why is it I have continuous, seemingly brilliant ideas when I am anywhere expect at my computer? The shower. Walking home from the bus stop. Driving. But, I plop myself in front of my screen for what was supposed to be a block of time dedicated to writing and I get.. well, just this.


Remember my online book club I started last year? I have been taking a break from leading it as I am taking a break from Facebook for Lent. But, we are reading Walk in Her Sandals and Allison Gringas is leading the WINE book club as well as keeping up the Facebook group. Sandals is excellent and a compelling read. We’ll be picking up the Facebook book club again shortly after Easter.


And finally, what is a mom blog without the kiddo pics. Look at those hams.

Be still my heart.

Linking up with Kelly.


2 thoughts on “7QT: On Failures, Updates, and Hams (the cute kind)

  1. I am so happy you’ll be able to go to the blogging conference! It wouldn’t fit into my schedule, and I’m sorely disappointed. Will you be sure to post about the awesomeness so I can hear about it?!?! 🙂


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