One Part Lectio, One Part Update


It has been a little while since I wrote something for the blog. I have written a few articles for CatholicMom (check me out the last Monday of the month usually, and an occasional Gospel reflection!), and I have been journaling like mad. But, I have not had much I felt compelled to share. Without getting into too much detail, because now is not the time and because I might make a glory story out of this someday soon, I am having a hard time. So, I have been doing a lot of reflection, a lot of contemplation, a lot of Adoration, a lot of prayer, and frankly, the writing I have been doing is deeply personal. Working stuff out.

At any rate, I have written a few Gospel reflections for CatholicMom, and I am doing some online Lectio Divina in a Facebook group and it is something I am enjoying a lot lately. So, I figured I might as well share a bit on the blog. Keep the blogging juices flowing at least a little bit during this time.

Today‘s Gospel reading is the Road to Emmaus from Saint Luke’s Gospel. (Lk. 24:13-35). I was really excited to see this during Lectio on Thursday because this is my most favorite Gospel reading. It has been since we read it together on my very first day of RCIA.

The phrases that stuck with me are:

“Jesus himself drew near”

“he was alive”

“Stay with us”

“their eyes were opened”

“were not our hearts burning within us”

Like I said earlier, I am having a hard time right now. I have been reading a bit of Ignatian spirituality and understand it to be bouts of spiritual desolation. During spiritual desolation, one is supposed to not fall into despair, but to have stored away those moments of spiritual consolation to sow seeds of hope during this time.

I hope that is what I am doing. My heart longs for the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist. I long for Jesus to draw himself near to me. I long for the tangible realization that He is Alive that I get from Adoration. How I wish He might stay with me, that I might always feeling the burning I feel in my heart at the Consecration and after I have received Communion.


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