{7QT} potty trains, scandals, and MB20

It has been a long time since I linked up with Kelly on 7QT.  But, I have a few, quickish things to hit you with. So, here we go.


Potty training is the worst part about being a parent. Hands down. Being the thing I dread the most, I have decided to always wait until the last possible time to really work on it. I mean, mostly that is because I am kind of lazy, too. But, the twins are 3 and are starting preschool next month so August seemed like a good time. With my oldest, this strategy worked wonders. He was ready to do it and we got it done in less than 3 days. It has been considerably different with twins.


First, the amount of times I have to say, “Do you need to go potty?”, “Ok guys, it is time for a potty break.”, or my husbands favorite, “Time for the POTTY TRAIN!” is astounding. Even with just one kid to train you reach a point where you are loathe to say the word “potty” ever again. But, with twins, you say it so often the word starts to lose meaning. Potty, that doesn’t sound right. “Honey, am I saying ‘potty’ right?” 


The one enjoyable thing about potty training is the darned things kids say. So far, my favorite has been the time my daughter demanded that my husband call me at work to tell me she used the potty. I overhear her on yelling, “Daddy, there is poop hanging from my vagina!” I am pretty sure she meant from her butt. At least, I hope that is what she meant.


Initially, when the potty training started, my son was doing a thousand times better than my daughter. And the one day, right around the time that it just clicked perfectly for her, he had a regression. I caught him squatting in the pantry one afternoon and asked him if he was pooping. He tried to deny it, but then fessed up.

“Why did you go in the pantry to poop, buddy? Why didn’t you go in the toilet?”

“Because. I am MAD AT YOU.”



I am going to hop off the potty train for a moment to touch on something even more unpleasant. Our church is in crisis. I don’t have any answers, and frankly I don’t even have words to discuss this of my own. All I have are prayers. And, some of my favorite bloggers have done a wonderful job addressing the tough stuff so that I don’t have to.

Haley offers things the lay person can do in the wake of this scandal.

Jenny has a slew of posts on this and they are all wonderful and worth the read. This is my favorite. It is beautiful and moving.


I have a few new posts up. (Here and here) I thought I might be posting more often. I have a dozen drafts in limbo. I feel like I am trying to force topics instead of being moved to write them. So, we shall see how this unfolds. Keep checking back, I am getting into a writing groove. I can feel it.


I have been on a nostalgic, MB20 kick of late. This is (re-)new(ed) favorite. And the video is adorable.

That is all I’ve got for you. Keep praying for our Church. And, check out the other quick takes.



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