About Me


My name is Amanda. I am Catholic (convert from agnosticism in 2014), married to M (a Catholic re-vert) and a mother to three. I have a Bachelor’s degree in History and Anthropology and I work full time for the State of Minnesota in as a Management Analyst, though my heart aches to be a homemaker (regardless of my total lack of homemaking skills).



I love reading, writing and learning about history, language, and culture. I like drinking coffee with entirely too much creamer, and staying up late listening to low-brow music with my husband on Friday nights. I am enjoying learning to bake and slowly increasing my cooking skills.



F: the wild, loving, determined oldest son. He is a second grader at our parish school who loves art, Minecraft, being a big brother and wants to be a movie director when he grows up.

His favorite colors are red and green, his favorite subjects are Gym and Math. He would prefer to not have to ever read a book himself ever again, but likes when someone else reads to him.








Z: The older twin, by one minute. He loves sports, dancing, listening to the blues, and throwing vegetables on the floor. He is the most reserved of all my kids








B: She is our princess. She is bubbly, loving, and cuddly. She loves snacks, bunnies, books, and hugs.




This is space is where I intended to talk about Faith, family, and aspiring to balance it all. But mostly, this is about how I am trying to live an authentic Christian life, even when it is really hard.



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