In Earthen Vessels

Welcome to In Earthen Vessels

I have been an aspiring writer for as long as I can remember. If things keep going at the present pace, I might be aspiring forever. I started blogging back in the good old days of blogs, mostly as a way to get the words I had written out into the world. But, because I am often fickle, impulsive, and inconsistent I have started and abandoned many blogs and have left a virtual blogging ghost town in my wake.

In Earthen Vessels is a living blog. This is one that will grow with me as I become the person I was meant to be. As the old adage goes, “write what you know” — I write about my Catholic Faith and they way its truth and beauty permeate our lives. I write about what it is like being a wife, a mother, and a dreamer. I write about books, movies, music, food, art, culture, and life.

Again, welcome. I hope you find something inspirational or relatable here.


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