{7QT} lessons learned limiting social media

Once you get alliteration in your head, it is futile to try to stop it. Unwritten rules. I pinky-promise. A few weeks back I wrote about how I had deactivated my Facebook page for the month of August. I have been back on for almost a month and now seemed like a good time for … Continue reading {7QT} lessons learned limiting social media


{7QT} potty trains, scandals, and MB20

It has been a long time since I linked up with Kelly on 7QT.  But, I have a few, quickish things to hit you with. So, here we go. -1- Potty training is the worst part about being a parent. Hands down. Being the thing I dread the most, I have decided to always wait … Continue reading {7QT} potty trains, scandals, and MB20