The Friendship Project Blog Tour

As a convert to the Catholic Faith, one of the things I've always felt a bit behind on is friendship. You probably wouldn't be off the mark to call me envious of the women I know who grew up in circles of Catholic family and friends. I know women who have gone through life in … Continue reading The Friendship Project Blog Tour


2017 Reading Goals

Every year for the last few years I have made a list of reading goals. And every year I fall short. Some of this is just life, seasons and other things outside of my control. But, if I am being honest, a lot of it is due to poor use of time. All those minutes … Continue reading 2017 Reading Goals

4 Keys book review and an update on the book club.

Over the last few months I have been lucky enough to co-facilitate an online book club for the book The Four Keys to Everlasting Love, by Karee Santos and her husband Manuel. The book club has been lovely, and the author, Karee, was kind enough to post reflections and prayer requests all throughout. The four keys … Continue reading 4 Keys book review and an update on the book club.