Blessed By Wounds

The first frost of the season came on a Friday morning in early October. Living on the third floor of our apartment building means that it is markedly warmer on our floor than the rest of the building, and for that reason we hadn't yet turning the heat on. The chill was slight, but enough … Continue reading Blessed By Wounds


Mary, Our Mother: A Brief Mariology

As a convert to Catholicism, I am no stranger to apprehension regarding Mariology. It is a bit ironic that the most humble creature to ever live is such a stumbling block to so many. As we just left August, the month dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary traditionally; and we begin September, the month … Continue reading Mary, Our Mother: A Brief Mariology

5 Ways to Share the Catholic Faith With Your Kids

This post is part of the Catholic Women Bloggers Network Blog Hop, hosted by Reconciled To You.  To read more stories from other bloggers about this topic, click here. As a Catholic parent, one of my main goals is to get my kids into heaven. And, because I am Catholic I believe that the ordinary way for this to happen is to … Continue reading 5 Ways to Share the Catholic Faith With Your Kids