5 Ways to Share the Catholic Faith With Your Kids

This post is part of the Catholic Women Bloggers Network Blog Hop, hosted by Reconciled To You.  To read more stories from other bloggers about this topic, click here. As a Catholic parent, one of my main goals is to get my kids into heaven. And, because I am Catholic I believe that the ordinary way for this to happen is to … Continue reading 5 Ways to Share the Catholic Faith With Your Kids


Finding My Own Path to Holiness

Each year I make my Lenten Resolutions—sacrifices to give up, prayers to offer up, and works of charity to take up—all in a focused effort to grow closer to Christ in holiness. Every year I fail. To be honest, I think that might be part of the point of Lent. It is important to join … Continue reading Finding My Own Path to Holiness

Home to Me

Dawn had not yet broke one winter morning as I felt myself slip into that half-awake, half-asleep state of consciousness. Warmth and muffled voices drifted down the hallway into the bedroom.   For a split second I was a kid again, pretending I was still asleep, stealing snippets of my Mom and Gramma whispering to each … Continue reading Home to Me