30 by 30

I read Bonnie’s birthday post last month and it got me thinking, I totally should make a list of things I want to do before 30. I am not particularly sentimental about it yet, but I can only imagine I will be next year. And, lists are my jam. Sure, I could wait until my birthday … Continue reading 30 by 30


Tired, Overwhelmed, Broken-down, Burned-out Thoughts

This post brought to you by my phone's WordPress app with no editing and no real forethought. Just some old-school stream-of-consciousness blog posting. Get ready. I am so overwhelmed with life. Maybe it's the rose-tinted lens of the past speaking here, but I felt like I had it together back in September, at least more … Continue reading Tired, Overwhelmed, Broken-down, Burned-out Thoughts