Summer Envy

Summertiiiimmme, and the envy is easy.  It is summer and my social media feeds are flooded with images that feed that Green-Eyed Envy Monster deep within me. Pinterest offers Must-Do Activities for the summer. Insta is sea of perfectly filtered memories; both of the backyard variety, and of the more extravagant vacation set. And moms…… Continue reading Summer Envy


When God Gives You More Than You Can Handle

  New death reopens unhealed wounds. The coarsest salt. There is a heaviness on my heart. It is where I bury my sorrows when I don’t know how, or just don’t want to live with them. The heaviness is a macabre comfort to me. Sometimes I feel like the heaviness is the presence of God.…… Continue reading When God Gives You More Than You Can Handle