Finding My Own Path to Holiness

Each year I make my Lenten Resolutions—sacrifices to give up, prayers to offer up, and works of charity to take up—all in a focused effort to grow closer to Christ in holiness. Every year I fail. To be honest, I think that might be part of the point of Lent. It is important to join … Continue reading Finding My Own Path to Holiness


Tired, Overwhelmed, Broken-down, Burned-out Thoughts

This post brought to you by my phone's WordPress app with no editing and no real forethought. Just some old-school stream-of-consciousness blog posting. Get ready. I am so overwhelmed with life. Maybe it's the rose-tinted lens of the past speaking here, but I felt like I had it together back in September, at least more … Continue reading Tired, Overwhelmed, Broken-down, Burned-out Thoughts

Home to Me

Dawn had not yet broke one winter morning as I felt myself slip into that half-awake, half-asleep state of consciousness. Warmth and muffled voices drifted down the hallway into the bedroom.   For a split second I was a kid again, pretending I was still asleep, stealing snippets of my Mom and Gramma whispering to each … Continue reading Home to Me